crazy like a fox

wild as a wolf

brave as a lion

pure like a polar bear

conceited like an ostrich


FAZEBRA signs the new collection Fall Winter 2019-2020, SMILLA, inspired by the love for snow and fur animals. Let yourself be seduced by the softness of fur fabrics* and abandon yourself to the desire for cuddling !

*Eco-friendly fur and Genuine Leather

Indications: intended for glamorous women

The  brand


FAZEBRA is a brand of exquisite bags and accessories, handmade with quality fabrics and a lot of imagination, crafted for people with a "zebra personality", bold and proud of their uniqueness.


FAZEBRA is socially committed to make a positive difference in a small part of the world. 10% of the proceeds are invested to support women's employment in the township of Soweto, South Africa.


FAZEBRA aspires to create positive emotions by combining the joy of carrying beautiful bags and the need to turn awareness into action for positive social impact.

The des igner

I am an Italian designer, passionate about original fabrics. Creativity has always been an engine in my life, both for artistic expression and as a source of inspiration when looking for solutions to problems. 

My travels and my years spent in the African continent have shaped my style . Unique or in small series, fancy and bold, my creations combine elements from different cultures and continents.

FAZEBRAa play on words between my name Fabrizia and my favourite animal, the zebra, is a brand I created in 2012 in South Africa and is the expression of my creativity and my sense of social responsability.

FAZEBRA the designer
Atelier Fazebra Aix-en-Provence
nonna Zoe


Glory - green pouch.png
Glory - red pouch.png

Latest  collections

smilla cabas 1.jpg

SMILLA Collection has the sense of snow. For the winter season 2019-2010 FAZEBRA signs a new faboulous collection of bags, handmade with high quality eco-fur and genuine leather. Extra soft materials and excentric models for audacious women who love originality.

orange leather bag trapeze with fringes.

LES FRANGES is a fresh and happy-go-lucky collection featuring fringes bags, handcrafted with genuine leather and enriched with fringe trims and ribbons in vibrant colors.

blue shweshwe handbag
blue shweshwe pouch

The ROXANNE collection celebrates South Africa and its proud traditional Three cats Shwe Shwe cotton fabric, made up of infinite geometric patterns in a variety of vibrant colors. The combination of ethnic and western elements results in colorful and original handbags and pouches.

FAZEBRA's  values



Social commitment

FAZEBRA's creations are unique or made in small series. Each product is the result of daily inspiration and celebrates the uniqueness of a moment, a place, an individual.

FAZEBRA's creations are handcrafted with passion, imagination and attention to detail, with beautiful, original materials and fabrics.

FAZEBRA is in favour of ethic shopping. Your purchase will contribute to create jobs in Soweto, South Africa.

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