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Shwe Shwe Poppis

the fabulous, colorful, quirky dolls, passionately handcrafted in Soweto by women of the community.


Crafts woman in Zola, Soweto
Crafts women in Zola, Soweto
FAZEBRA with Wandile, manager of the Shwe Shwe Poppis Project in Zola,Soweto

Despite the apartheid legacy and the persistent discrimination, the role of South African women is growing in the township of Soweto, where entrepreneurial activities are flourishing and improving living conditions and lifestyle. When women are empowered, families grow, communities are safer and the economy flourishes.

In the Sowetan neighboorhood of Zola, women are contributing to stop generational poverty and to boost economy by sewing fancy dolls, handmade with the colorful traditional shwe shwe cotton from South Africa. This project is called SHWE SHWE POPPIS. 

FAZEBRA is proud to be ambassador of the Shwe Shwe Poppis and is committed to invest 10% of the proceeds in buying Shweshwe dolls, thus supporting women's employment in Soweto.

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The Shwe Shwe Poppis are living stories of hope from the land of South Africa.These charming and imaginative fantasy figures are based on a series of original children’s drawings produced by the kids at the African Children’s Feeding Scheme’s Malnutrition and Rehabilitation Creche in Zola, Soweto.  Lovingly hand-sewn by moms and grannies from the community of Zola and inspired by stories from South African culture, these quirky and unique 5 characters are providing employment, education, funding and a sense of pride and purpose for this Sowetan community. 

Each doll is unique and bears the name of the kid who made the original drawing.

Handcrafted with the traditional South African ShweShwe fabric, 100% cotton.

Get your Shwe Shwe Poppi !

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